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CEO Greeting

Dear Sir/Madam,

First of all, welcome to visit the Website of SBmarks Singapore! Thank you for your attention to our company!

The underlying principle governing the operations of SBmarks Company is ‘Strength Through Diversity’, the common denominator enabling us to consistently deliver our value promise to our customers, partners, investors, employees and other stakeholders around the world. Our activities now include lifting , port operations and maintenance, industrial investment, oil and gas industries, and general construction & IT & Security product services. SBmarks is committed to the delivery of outstanding performance in EH&S (Environmental,Health and Safety) matters through a policy of co-operation, communication and competence applied consistently and continually throughout its operation.

As CEO of SBmarks, I have ultimate responsibility to ensure our places of work are healthy and safe. The co-operation of our team in helping me achieve this is essential to establish and maintain that standard for the benefit of you, our customers and also for the safety of our employees.

I, on behalf of all employees of SBmarks, would like to extend sincere thanks to all customers and colleagues who pay attention to and support our development. Let us strengthen exchanges and work together with close cooperation to create a bright future with joint efforts! SBmarks is looking forward to establishing sincere cooperation with you.

Md Nurul Amin
CEO,SBmarks Singapore